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    Hi all

    If one buys a stock without a stop for say $1 and lets just say the stock goes to $1.30.

    If then a sell at say $1.10 order is placed in the market as GOOD TILL CANCELLED just in case it comes back down.

    Is this then pretty much the same as a Stop or conditional order of the same value.


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    Maybe I don't understand what you mean exactly, but if the stock is at $1.30 and you put a 'limit order' ('good til cancelled' or not) for $1.10, it will sell immediatley at $1.30

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    Thanks Alterego i understand now i was thinking it sells at the price you nominate but of course anyone prepared to sell at $1.10 will accept $1.30. My thinking was not correct.


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    Im using IB.

    When I place an order I always attach a bracket order.
    Both can be altered during a trade with a GTC order.
    The Bracket order allows me to set a stop---which I can rise or fall
    and a Limit stop which i can do the same.

    So in your case Star I would just raise the stop behind.
    Its not triggered until hit.

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    hi stargazer

    see if u can open an demo/trial a/c and test it out on play money

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