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    If it's too good to be true....

    We all know the saying, but how many people forget it when there is the promise of instant riches?!?
    I was having a look around the internet the other day when I came across another trading forum. I had a bit of a scan of the threads when one took my eye - which led me to another thread on another forum.
    Now this thread caught my eye so I started reading. Its a long thread so I skimmed through a fair bit but the overall message was clear.
    This fella must have planned this scam for a long time and he gradually drew in his victims. From the start I already assumed it was a scam as it looked "too good to be true" but I wanted to see how other people reacted.
    If you have a skim through you will see alot of the forums senior members start off highly critical of the person then gradually a few even fall for his BS. (I'm pretty sure we have a whole bunch of senior members here who would rip this fella apart if he tried it here!)
    It is still an ongoing issue for alot of the "victims" who are out of pocket by quite a bit. These guys/gals I feel sorry for.

    I think this is an example of why ASF is probably the best trading/investment forum on the net, because I'm sure the Admins/Senior members here would not allow this to happen on this site.

    This is a good read because it shows a couple of bad sides of human nature. Greed (or gullability) by the "victims" and just plain nastiness by the "scammer".
    I put victims and scammer in " " because it is still ongoing, with the "scammer" promising that he will get their money back. If it turns out that he does give their money back then I apologise and take back my statements about "scamming" (but somehow I don't think I'll have to apologise!).

    Anyway, grab a coffee and have a read.


    I hope no ASFers ever get themselves into this sort of mess....

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    Default Re: ASFers Beware!!!

    LMFAO at the knob on page 180.

    After 20 pages of people saying they've lost it all, "Where do I have to (I'm assuming send money) to have an account opened."

    Anyone here want to send me money?

    I card read good.
    Up the Rats!!!!

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    Default Re: ASFers Beware!!!

    I like the April fools day start:

    To all the other new traders that trusted us with there accounts we will beguin trading them as of Monday 1st of April 2007

    Launching of the Brokerage Firm will be on September 2nd 2007



    Wanker becomes broker, that's where the real money is!

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    Default Re: ASFers Beware!!!

    You have to feel sorry for this bloke:

    "I was really starting to believe in these guys. Im just glad I only burnt myself, I was about the start sending friends and clients to them too so I consider myself lucky that it only cost me."

    Or Poor little Piplander from New-Jersey:

    Omelette is trying to scam you ! It is I who is actually taking over for Alecoh while he is on 'vacation'. Please send your bank account info, social security number, mother's maiden name, telephone number, pin number, credit card numbers and expiration dates, all gold jewelry and anything else of value to imasucker@thieves.com"

    This is on p181,

    That's where it got really funny.

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    Default Re: ASFers Beware!!!


    Glad we have Admins and moderators like the ones on ASF. Thanks from us punters for the work you guys do.



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