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    Default Forex and tax?

    What tax obligations in Australia are associated with trading the FOREX market?.

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    i'm guessing... but if you make money,.. then you're going to pay tax... regardless of what instrument you are using... forex, shares, futures, property, etc...

    technically, i think if you go the horses enough and make regular, carefully planned bets with a certain amount of 'business' approach to it... you could be taxed for the winnings.

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    Default Forex income and tax

    Hi All,
    I'm a new in Forex but so far I have positive income and plus daily normal job.
    What is the best way to organise and pay tax?
    I know it depends from a lot of factors but any suggestion or practices?

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    Default Forex Tax

    Hello can anyone tell me how my Forex profits are taxed i heard that your profits are claimed under Income tax but do i only get taxed if i withdraw money / my profits from my broker account into my bank account

    thank you

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