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    I am contemplating buying the "Stator Std" or "Stator Lite" portfolio management software but as there is quite a difference in price between the two I thought I would ask here for any recommendations.

    I have downloaded both versions and I am currently using them to test my paper trading. However, at the moment I can't see anything extra in the Std version that I would use that is not in the light version. Am I missing something important? Am I looking at the wrong application for portfolio management?

    All I am doing is entering my stocks as purchases or sales qnd letting Stator calculate brokerage fees (imaginary $30) and GST to see if I am in front or behind. Very basic.

    I use AmiBroker for charting and Watchlists and I am only looking at stocks on the ASX.

    I am only paper trading as a beginner but I am getting my tools together during the learning process.

    All thoughts are very much appreciated

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    Hello skinner36,

    There is a considerable difference between Standard and Lite. Stator Lite is the entry level version which only allows one Owner and one portfolio.

    An Owner is the person that owns a portfolio, i.e. you.

    Stator Standard allows you to create more than one Owner and within each Owner, you can manage any number of portfolios (known as Systems). Stator Standard also has some additional trading instruments like CFD's which are not included in Lite.

    Hope this helps.


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