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    Default Testing during interview process

    I've been fortunate enough to be shortlisted for a position with Macquarie. The next phase of the process involves "a few timed tests which are based on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning" to be conducted by an external company called Davidson Trahaire.

    I'm eager to prepare as best I can and if anyone can impart any of their experiences with the Davidson Trahaire tests or similar I would be very greatful.

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    Default Re: Testing during interview process


    Sorry can't help you there.

    Would guess it might be questions similar to IQ test.

    Can help out on any specific numerical questions.

    Good luck with the interview.

    PS may be an idea to contact nick radge

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    Default Re: Testing during interview process

    Nick's actually been very helpful throughout the process up until now. He's experienced the test twice and isn't very positive about the testing process itself, nor is he forthcoming with much infomation beyond the test being particularly time-intensive.

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    Default Re: Testing during interview process

    Pity he was not more helpfull

    But my guess is that its IQ test type questions which you could probably hunt down with google - if nothing else it might get your mind going in the right direction (lateral thinking and all that sort of thing).

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    Default Re: Testing during interview process

    Did something similar for a position with BHP.

    They had so many questions that it was literally impossible to answer them all in the time allowed (3 hours). How you approached it (rush and make mistakes or slower but accurate) seemed to be part of the assessment.

    Questions were straightforward mostly practical "right or wrong" type but their method of assessment involved some type of interpretation so it wasn't a simple % score to pass or fail.

    I must have passed the test since it was required before the interview and I was interviewed.

    "Think outside the box" seems to be the approach these sort of companies look for from my own experiences and what I have heard from others. Come up with unconventional solutions and don't be afraid to say it (just make sure it's workable).

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    Talking Re: Testing during interview process

    Studied some of this in 'Industrial and Organisational Psychology at Uni. Nothing more than testing the powers of the mind under stress/pressure.

    The tests will determine your personality profile, how quickly you grasp concepts and what your strengs and weakness are.

    Be direct in your answers either yes or no, not to many in-betweens!

    ** Dont think to much, just answer....go with gut instinct **

    and if they ask the question "have you ever stolen a pen from a workplace?"....please answer yes! Everybody steals!!

    Try these all out on the net, just google it in and take the tests for free.

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    Default Re: Testing during interview process

    Congrats Doc on making it to the first phase!!

    My best advice (knowing nothing about actual testing) is to go to your local (big) bookstore and look up the career or iq test section (or both). There are a number of titles on numerical skills, general reasoning skills and psychometric testing etc. I remember browsing through a whole shelf- try Dymocks or Angus & Robertson. I do some of the puzzles while I'm browsing in bookshops sometimes to kill time. There are specific ones too- for engineers they have ones on technical problems (eg involving machinary etc). Basically the more of em you do the better you get, so with IQ tests you can actually go from a low score to a high score (but obviously there is a limit). Look for patterns and concepts.

    I support those earlier comments about testers also using the tests as a method to see how you cope generally and approach problem solving rather than just focussing on getting the answer correct. Just practise, practise, practise and RELAX!!

    Try these for some free tests on IQ.
    They have lots of books available in shops and a game pack too.

    (the results analysis is quite informative)

    My posts are not recommendations (even when I rave about something). Always rely on your own research & judgement.

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    Default Re: Testing during interview process

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to offer me some advice!

    I had the interview late last week and got the call this morning to go in for testing on Thursday morning. It's all been very rushed and my main goal is to prepare myself as best as I can between now and Thursday. I'll definately give those IQ tests a go.

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    Default Re: Testing during interview process

    Congratulations from here too.

    Apologies if this is too obvious to mention, but have you looked at the Davidson Trahaire website? It seems quite informative, in a generalising sort of way. I couldn't tell from it exactly what kinds of tests they'll put you through, but at least they offer more than those personality / values / aptitudes multiple choice crap fests.

    Good luck!!

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