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    Any funny or not so funny experiences being served?
    My most memorable one was few years ago, had problem with Nokia phone. Took it in to their main service/repair centre. I was the only customer there, but was told to take a ticket till my number was called. Took a ticket, sat down and my number was called immediately, what the.

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    Maybe taking a number is to quantify performance measurement of staff and determine whether it's a high traffic location?

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    Once had to wait 45mins for a junior burger at Macca's

    I was maybe 12....Wasn't happy
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    Funny one with the public service recently. Tried to change my address on my driver's license. Bottom line is they insisted on issuing me with a new license with the wrong address on it. And then only after two different people told me completely different stories as to what the proceedure is.

    I'm still wondering why a bank or electricity company is the place to go to change my driver's license address. But that's what one of them told me - they didn't specify which bank however. And so I'll just live with having the wrong address on it.

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