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    IVT took a huge hit with their Alpha Aviation investment which they have now liquidated. The company is now focussed on other activities but the share price has been hung drawn & quartered. Will it survive & thrive? Prognosis anyone?

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    Some 18 months down the track since my last post on this company and IVT is now starting to look like a very real recovery prospect. About time too. Anyway, worth a look and could be a goodie for 2010 & beyond.

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    Hi goatpointer,

    Thought this one looked interesting when you mentioned it, but the broker wouldn't cross the spread when I put in my small bid as said it would be price manipulation. So, hey, the directors get to leapfrog my bid and take out the same shares I was trying to buy for the same price move.

    (Of course, after they'd taken out the 9.9cps that I had as limit, my broker moved my bid up - the frustrations of illiquid shares!)

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