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    Hi folks,

    JAT ... has been ticking up nicely, since the gap-up,
    on the 2008 June solstice ... but, not even a mention on ASF ... !~!

    ... and looking ahead, we anticipate some further
    positive cycles for this month, as well:

    14-15072008 ... positive spotlight on JAT ...

    22-23072008 ... positive news expected here

    31072008 ... minor and positive (intraday) cycle

    Hopefully, JAT will have enough legs to stay close to the top,
    in the current ASF tipping contest, too ... !~!

    More later.

    have a great day



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    Default Re: JAT - Jatenergy Limited

    MC - $3m
    SP - 4.1c
    Shares - 75m approx
    Options - ?
    Cash - $615k

    Coal Plus
    On 18 July 2012, Jatenergy announced that it had licensed the Coal Plus coal upgrading technology from
    Zhengzhou Zhongneng Metallurgy Co Ltd (ZZM). With its existing operations and substantial coal assets in
    Indonesia, the world’s largest thermal coal exporter, Jatenergy’s licensing of the Coal Plus technology
    provides the company with several key strategic benefits. Coal Plus has the potential to unlock large, low
    grade coal assets that are otherwise uneconomic to mine. Such technology is particularly important in
    Indonesia, which has numerous large deposits of low grade coal.
    Jatenergy’s licensing of Coal Plus sees a realignment of the Company’s existing coal exploration and mining
    operations to include a value-adding process technology. This realignment is an important step in Jatenergy
    achieving financial sustainability and increased shareholder value, while achieving its goal of being a major
    player in the lucrative Indonesian coal industry.

    For detailed information about Coal Plus, read here.

    Change of company board and management team
    On 23 May 2012, Jatenergy announced significant changes to its board and management team, with the resignation of Chairman Mr Alan Broome, Managing Director Mr Phil Hodgson and Non- Executive Director Mr Ross Kestel. The outgoing directors were replaced by Mr Tony Crimmins as Executive Chairman and Mr Richard Pritchard as a Non-Executive Director. The existing directors Mr Xipeng Li (Non-Executive Director) and Mr Wilton Yao (Alternate Director) are continuing in their roles.

    Reduced operating expenditure
    Following the changes to its board and management team, Jatenergy has substantially flattened its
    management structure, resulting in efficiency improvements and a significant reduction in the running cost
    of its Sydney head office, bringing it into line with the running cost of its Jakarta office. Between May and
    June, monthly staffing costs fell by over 50%. Together with other savings, these cost reductions are
    expected to have a significant positive impact on the company’s future cash flows and allow the company
    to attain a sustainable financial position.
    The current board considers the recent changes to Jatenergy’s management structure as necessary given
    the current economic climate and the difficulties in raising capital from investors. With its current pipeline of revenue-generating projects, Jatenergy is now in a strong position to achieve financial sustainability and increased shareholder value in the near future.

    Continuing revenue from coal operations
    During the June quarter, Jatenergy generated an additional $70,000 in revenue from the production and
    sale of coal from its Jongkang project in East Kalimantan. This revenue is in addition to the $221,000 in
    revenue received from the project during the March quarter. The drop in revenue is a result of a drop in the
    price of Indonesian coal and the subsequent decision to stockpile coal from the project and suspend some
    operations until the coal price improves. The stockpile is illustrated below.
    Operations at Jongkang will remain suspended until the coal price increases, following which revenues from
    the production and sale of coal from the project are expected to resume.

    Shareholder Share purchase scheme
    Jatenergy is planning to make an offer of shares to existing Shareholders to raise an amount of over $250,000. Details of the offer are yet to be finalised and will be provided shortly.

    Sale of assets

    The board of Jatenergy is looking to divest the company of certain assets, including its Katingan coal asset
    in Indonesia and some of its Australian coal assets. We are currently in negotiations for the sale of Katingan
    and will provide further details as appropriate.
    The sale of these assets is expected to increase the company’s cash reserves, while allowing the company
    to focus on its core projects.
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