Just watched a documentary on Discovery Channel that is on the huge problem of teens in China. Seems that the one chlild policy has had some unexpected consequences. Children are turned into little emperors / princessess.

20% of Chinese teens display behavioural problems and this has now meant a new style school named " Walking schools" being created. Problem teens are dumped there by their crying mothers and once enrolled can not leave for 12 months, no matter what. Most mothers say if they had two children they would how given up on this one ages ago, but due to the one child policy, the only child must make some form of success.

First thing that happens is they have to do some clothes washing ( by hand ), for most it is the first chores they have ever done in their entire lives, have never lifted a finger, mums do everything in China and the children are selfish & lazy.
These schools drill them, they excerise as much as they study and soon learn that it's better to be in the classroom than have your face in the mud. They get forced marched up to 40 km walks in high temperatures with medical vans following with IV drips for the ones that fall to ill to walk, they have to help each other make the walk, builds character, some try to get out of walking and are dealt with by some action that would get the teacher 2 years inside back in Australia, but its looks like it works well...schools are expensive for the parents, so its a serious committment and the schools treat it as such. Most "brats" are from the middle class in cities.

Having worked with Chinese crews for years I can say that this rings so true.

Anybody seen this documentory... wonder if something like that would work in Australia ?.. it should be allowed, a bit of hard treatment away from mum seemed to do these Chinese brats a world of good.