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    Post AVH - Avita Medical

    This is the new identity of the merger between VSG and CCE


    Shares on issue:

    Cash balance:
    $8.7m (as at 30 April 2008)

    a market cap of 9 million with nearly all of that in cash

    Really puts no value on their projects (Funhaler and re-cell)

    very tightly held company at the moment, I've been trying to get in for a couple of weeks but no one is selling.

    ABOUT AVITA MEDICAL LIMITED Avita Medical Limited is a publicly listed biomedical company that is evolving to become a global medical device company. The merger with Visiomed Group Ltd was completed in February 2008 and following the merger the company is now active in the regenerative medicine and respiratory

    Regenerative Medicine

    The company develops and distributes tissue-engineered products for the treatment of wounds and other skin defects. Using proprietary tissue culture/collection technology, the company is able to provide innovative treatment solutions derived from the patients own skin, to enhance healing rates, reduce scar formation and reintroduce pigmentation into the skin.

    ReCellŽ(www.recell.info) is a stand-alone, rapid cell harvesting device that enables surgeons to treat skin defects using the patient's own cells that are collected during surgery. The surgeon can prepare a small quantity of cells within 30 minutes on site rather than having to send a biopsy to the
    laboratory. ReCellŽhas been designed for use in a wide variety of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. ReCellŽis gaining acceptance in a number of indications including Vitiligo, a common skin pigmentation disease.

    ReCellŽis approved for sale in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, European Union, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and Turkey. The company is currently focused on securing FDA approval for sale of the product in the


    The company commercialises innovative medical technologies for improved medication delivery and adherence in patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases. The company manufactures and sells a range of spacers for the paediatric, adolescent and adult market and is the leading provider
    of spacers in Australia.

    The FunhalerŽincentive asthma spacer has been designed specifically for the paediatric market, incorporating auditory and visual incentives to encourage children to comply with their medication plan. Clinically demonstrated to improve compliance to prescribed medication by 38% and increase
    proper inhalation technique in children by 60%. The FunhalerŽis patented, CE marked for the EU, FDA cleared for the US and TGA registered in Australia.

    Breath-A-Tech is the leading spacer for adolescents and adults in Australia. The product is effective, compact, easy to use and competitively priced. The Breath-A-Tech hospital-grade spacer can also be autoclaved in the hospital or clinical setting.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical Limited

    volume up and heading in the right direction (even today)

    broken through short term resistance and seems to be heading up again.

    lot's of cashola in the bank and only 90 million shares on issue.
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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    up another 30% to 8.4 cents.

    Announcement out this morning can't be the reason for the interest.

    buyers are steppin up quicker as the day moves on.

    anyone else follow this one?

    only 90 million shares on issue
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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    Hey Sam, how's it going?

    Not too bad, Sam. And you?

    Yeah, very well thanks

    Well it closed on its high yesterday with increasing volume over the last week.

    Mind you 500 odd k is nothing to get excited about it's the tightly held register that gets me excited

    Here's another chart.
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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    Just hit 10 cents.

    I'm wondering if it's to do with the funhaler or maybe recell.

    It woould make more sense if it were funhaler related...

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    well this one has started running again.

    Plenty of buyers chasing this one up.

    Seemed to be a bit of a leaky boat last time with the recell announcement.

    perhaps history is repeating itself.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    Gday Sam I bought some of these a few weeks back at .063. Looks like the products they are selling are gaining acceptance quickly in the medical industry with some very good reviews and with the ISO rating recently more markets are going to be opened up for them. Want to keep these for awhile and see what they do, potential for sales in the fields they treat are huge imo. Your right though the shares dont trade to quickly with this listing and can be hard to get in.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    G'day Steven.

    nice to see you here.

    Well AVH has delivered a 600k per year cost saving review and doubled the shelf life of their regen stuff.

    opening at 12 cents with support this morning.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    That was a great start to the day @.12c shame it didnt hold . Good to see some positive news from a company for a change.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    To the more experienced.

    is this showing signs of a cup and handle?

    or has the handle part not been long enough?

    or am i seeing things that aren't there?
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    Last edited by sam76; 24th-April-2009 at 01:16 PM.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    Another grant awarded.

    This time from The US Miltary for 2 million

    Shares pass through 10.5 resistance convincingly.

    90 million shares on issue and 5 (or is it 7) million in the bank (not including the latest grant)


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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    This dog of a stock has a long way to go.
    I paid $0.356 (average) for my Cynical Cell Culture shares, and after the 10:1, that equates to $3.56 per share.

    So are we all just waiting around for them to rise by $3.45 ish per share?

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    Post AVH - Avita Medical

    Either the search is broken, or nobody has created an AVH topic before?

    Anyway, it looks like the mongrel dog CCE Cynical Cell Culture that was transformed into the AVH penny dreadful might begin to redeem itself.

    Last week they announced receipt of US$400k (of the US$1.45m) from the US Department of Defense, as a beginning of the "AFIRM" study.

    This morning they announce AVH has secured regulatory approval for its
    ReCellŽ Autologous Spray-On Skin from the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

    Things are looking up for long time CCE investors.
    I don't know about you, but I bought CCE at a DCA of $0.35.
    After the name change/merge with Visiomed and 1:10 consolidation, that equates to $3.50 a share.
    Currently at $0.115, they have a hell of long run to get back to where they were.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    Gotta love picking a whole lot of these ppuupys up at 4 cents

    This is a big feather in the recell cap.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    The story gets better and better.


    ˇ First US patient receives ReCellŽ Spray-On-Skin treatment
    ˇ Results demonstrate accelerated healing and reduced pain with ReCellŽ
    ˇ Other sites to soon commence treating patients with ReCellŽ
    ˇ Trial approved by US FDA and sponsored by US defense forces

    10 June 2010, Avita Medical Ltd (ASX: AVH): In an important milestone for Avita Medical the first United States-based treatment of a patient with ReCellŽ under the approved FDA protocol was conducted. The treatment of a burns victim on 27 May 2010 was at Wake Forest University Baptist
    Medical Burn Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

    The patient presented with burns on both arms; burn sites were arbitrarily labelled “A” and “B” per protocol. Through the protocol’s blinded randomisation process one site was assigned treatment with ReCellŽ, the other served as a control and was treated with split thickness skin graft, the
    current standard of care.

    On seven-day follow-up the patient had excellent results: the ReCellŽ graft site had 100% take and was fully re-epithelialised (i.e., the treated wound was completely covered with new skin with no open areas or blisters). In contrast, the control site had 75-80% take with 20-25% of the area having unhealed open interstices. Similarly, the ReCellŽ donor site was 100% closed and fully reepithelialised whereas the control traditional graft donor site on the thigh remained open and slightly oozy with numerous bleeding spots. Critically, in self-reporting of pain, the patient reported 0/10 pain at the ReCellŽ site and 10/10 pain at the traditional control site.

    “We are very pleased but not surprised by the excellent outcome,” said Dr William Dolphin, CEO Avita Medical. “The ReCell Spray-On-Skin technology offers great benefits to the patient and clinicians and has the potential to deliver significant cost savings to the healthcare system.”
    Under the revised and approved FDA protocol ReCellŽ Spray-On-Skin and the AFIRM defense forces sponsored study has attracted national and international attention. Television network CNN filmed the procedure for an upcoming production describing new frontier products in regenerative medicine and will continue to follow patients treated with ReCellŽ.

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    Thumbs down Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    Quote Originally Posted by sam76 View Post
    The story gets better and better.
    It couldn't get much worse.

    Don't forget, to compare apples with apples, AVH need to get to $3.00 per share.

    CCE was trading in the region of $0.30 per share before the 10:1.

    So, this dog of a stock has a long way to go, as any long holding CCE "investor" knows.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    CCE would have been bankrupt by now if VSG hadn't merged with them.

    bitter for hanging on or just plain mopey?

    Actually, This bloke answers your whinge better I.

    With respect, they don't need to get back anywhere. What they need to do is secure key investment funding support (La Jolla Cove/********) while at the same developing Tier 1 industry partnerships (AFIRM) to help gain the necessary regulatory approvals (FDA/SFDA/Taiwan/France etc.) in the biggest markets that offer the best potential for high volume sales, and that's exactly what they are doing.

    No point in banging on about the past, it's done and dusted, and none of it was done under the current executive leadership. As for the company having a long way to go, so what? Would you have preferred CCE to fail, which it very nearly did? At least you now have a chance to recoup any losses you may have incurred, and that opportunity is entirely due to the work that has been done by Bill Dolphin and the new executive since they implemented the successful merger of CCE/VSG...I say credit where it's due and let them get on with the good work.

    Last edited by sam76; 11th-June-2010 at 09:47 PM.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    this stock doesnt seem to be going anywhere.

    Anyone have any idea how the clinical trials are going?

    I'm in it for the long haul buying at around 10cents a while ago, but it has just been totally flat.

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    Started talking about this one on another thread (Suhm’s Birds of a feather) but I didn’t want to hijack it by going too off topic talking about this company.

    For many years AVH was a dog. Times have changed, a new CEO with runs on the board and now the company is finally making money.

    FDA approval is progressing nicely and should hopefully be in place by June next year at the latest.

    Here are a couple of clips

    Anyway I like to story.

    Disclosure: Stock held

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    Default Re: AVH - Avita Medical

    They won the 2011 Best of What's New Award from Popular Science in the Health category last December.

    Here is a good article


    Pretty amazing before and after photos

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