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    Default Telephoned about a Share Purchase Plan

    I had a call late last week about shares I have in an oil stock. Not sure where they got my number, possibly the share registry. I had already received info in the mail about this a month ago.

    Basically the telephone call started out "I am from...This call may be recorded blah blah blah". "You may purchase $X or $XX or $XXX and the deadline date is .....".

    Finally "Any answer to my following question will not be used. Do you plan to buy any?"

    My answer was NO.

    Has anyone been telephoned regarding a Share Purchase Plan before? For what reason would a company telephone to ask this question?

    Is it simply to remind people to lodge before the date and gauge what interest there is?



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    Default Re: Telephoned about a Share Purchase Plan

    Was it BPT?

    Because no one is buying it. Marketing company.
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    Default Re: Telephoned about a Share Purchase Plan

    Ive been rang by a company before about a share purchase plan, ill have to agree with Trembling Hand, it was because no one was buying it. Easier for smaller companies with smaller share registries to call share holders to ensure more people take up and share offer.

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