I spose this is aimed at beginners. I use Bell for my trading, they have research on their site, but nuthing compared to what i found for free on a news site. I think this is brand new, because i have never seen this before, but i had quik look through it and i can say i think i have all the research sites i need. The one we are currently viewing, and this one.

I'm not sure anything else is needed......even has charts

<edit to add> I have never seen this before, and i'm not sure if it's been posted about this site anywhere and like i said, i just noticed it. I'm sure this service is avail FREE on Commsec or ETrade, which is why you would pay $25 a trade instead of $15 from Bell that i use, so can anyone tell me if the free service in the link above is basically the same info you get on those premium trading sites?