Bloody CBA send me this today ... Ive been wondering what happened to their old premium banking service ... they seem to have been taking their time identifying those that qualify!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good service so far and some nice perks in the brochures though.


Introducing Commonwealth Private Bank
Thank you for accepting to join Commonwealth Private Bank. Commonwealth Private Bank provides highly personalised service for clients with significant financial resources and complex financial needs. You may find that our services are of interest to you.

Eligibility criteria for our clients
Commonwealth Private Bank clients typically have an annual income of $250,000 plus, or net assets of at least $2.5m (excluding their primary residence). They need tailored financial advice, seek exclusive investment opportunities, and demand the highest standards of service.

Comprehensive solutions and personalised service
To give you some insight into what makes Commonwealth Private Bank stand out, I have enclosed an information booklet. In summary, Private Bankers are a dedicated single point of contact for each our clients. Our breath of expertise means that we can offer you quality advice as well as market-leading products and exclusive investment opportunities. We are backed by superior research capabilities and the extensive resources of the Commonwealth Bank Group, so we can find the best possible solution tailored to suit your needs.

Getting to know you
I will be in contact you again soon to arrange a time convenient for you to discuss whether Commonwealth Private Bank is best suited to assist you with your present and future needs. Please find attached my biography for your reference.

As requested, I will be converting your Streamline account to our Private Banking account. I will send you another email this afternoon in reference to our Private Banking account.