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    Does anyone know the price we are deemed to have paid for the Wesfarmer Shares we recived in the Coles take over?

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    If you opted to receive 100% scrip, you could be eligible (*see your tax accountant*) for CGT rollover relief, meaning the cost base of your WES shares is equal to the cost base of your old CML shares.

    What do you need the information for?

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    Just trying to work out CGT obligation.

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    Hi again, still trying to work this out.
    I had 933 CML Shares, I received a Cash Consideration of $3732,
    133 Wesfarmers Ordinary Shares and 133 Westfarmers PPS.
    I can't find out what I was deemed to have paid for the Shares?
    Any help would be great.

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    Another question, if you KNOW you made a capital loss for the year, can you just not worry about it in your tax return and leave it for another year?

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