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    I am considering doing some voluntary work(its about time someone got me working again)Something that has touched my heart is Youngcare.I dont really know a great deal about it,just what is on their website but where better to ask than the members of ASF,so does anybody do any voluntary work and in particular does anyone do anything or know anything relevant about Youngcare

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    I'm in the CFA in Ballarat (we turn out about 700 times a year including the rescue truck to car accidents etc...)

    We do a lot of work with primary schools and charity organisations including the Royal Childrens Hospital.

    We raised over $14,000 this year for the Good Friday Appeal!

    You may need a working with children card to volunteer with kids.

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    Sam thanks for that,my kids love knocking doors for scool and world vision sponsorship(accompanied by me their minder of course!)and have raised about $2k between them which I think is pretty impressive for a 10 and 13 year old.We already sponsor someone through World Vision but I want to do something where you can actually see what good you are doing on a personal level

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    I did fundraising for paraquad, raised the most in one year of any group in NSW. It basically consisted of cold approaching strangers in shopping malls (of course, after getting managements approval), asking for donations! AMAIZING how many give you money (though the vast majority still turn you down, especially those PS suits down here in Canberra)! Though, to be fair, maybe they contribute in their own way.

    Hard work, but one of the good things I have done in my time here at least, I also sponsor an African child through worldvision, send him soccer balls, ha ha, which has now become his favourite game!

    Volunteer work for a cause you believe in is definately a great idea!

    Congrats for even seriously considering it!

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    Mrc we sponsor a young girl through World Vision-unfortunately she is in Zimbabwe.How do you send footballs as we have been discouraged from doing this

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    I sit on a few committes , but one I like very much , where our CFS reports to , has their cadets out helping the community in various areas . I take my hat off to our CFS , they have reinstalled the pride in our young community members , especially in relation to the towns they live in . Our units have not missed a single call out and they can still find the time to take the youth under their wings and guide them through a critical development stage in their lives . These youth will be our future community leaders and volunteers , who do their job with an unwielding passion .

    Their mentors are fantastic and they also have to juggle work commitments , yet they still find the time .

    They are constantly placing their lives on the line and also giving up their free time to do something positive in the local communities .

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    There are lots of things for which you can volunteer.

    I don't know anything about Youngcare.
    If you're interested in young people, the schools are always looking for people to help students with literacy and numeracy. Some of them also have Youth Mentoring programmes where you work as a mentor to young people with various problems. This can be very challenging/difficult/rewarding.
    You will need a Blue Card for this.

    This is assuming your own literacy/numeracy is of a high standard.

    Ditto above if you are interested in Adult Literacy Tutoring. This involves a training course of about 4 months, of itself quite interesting. Teaching adults who can't read or write can be very hard, but it's rewarding when you see some progress. Most of these people can barely sign their names, let alone fill out a basic form.

    If you feel you have good people skills and empathy you could consider training to be a Lifeline Telephone Counsellor. The training programme is very interesting and will teach you a lot about yourself, even if you decide not to pursue the work.

    If you have compassion for and interest in old people, then Meals on Wheels might suit. Pretty boring though, just delivering food.

    Most states or regions will have a volunteer agency where all the available volunteer positions will be listed. Sometimes something which never would have occurred to you will appeal when you see it listed.

    Good on you for being prepared to make a contribution. Any society is as good as the contribution of its members.
    All the best


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