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    Hello, I am new to this forum only 3 or 4 posts. I have been trading for a few years with reasonable results. I have worked in the Banking/ Finance industry for most of my working life recently taken a package and not exactly sure of future my directions may return to the work force or do something for myself.

    As I have worked in the finance industry reading and understanding your informative and interesting post as been fairly easy for me, but there have been a few terms, abbreviations and jargon that I am not familiar with.

    I note that quite a few people starting out their investing life have posted for information and starting advice, I have been impressed with the sage replies.

    What do you all think if a thread was started where investment/trading terms, abbreviations and jargon were posted with the definitions? I am sure this would be of great assistance to starters. Not sure of my ground as to if this would be acceptable to Aussie stock. I am sure though that a comprehensive dictionary could be quickly built up with all that knowledge out there.

    Have no Idea how or what forum could be used for this. But put it forward as suggestion for what itís worth. Who know it could build to a valuable resource.


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    Thanks Trembling hand "ask and thou shall receive "


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