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    Post LIP - Lipa Pharmaceuticals

    Anyone have an opinion on LIP? I got tipped it by a relative, but don't know anything about it - apparently it benefitted from Pan going under.

    Its been a pretty bad couple of days...need a winner.

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    Default Re: Lipa Pharmaceuticals

    Hi Fleeta

    Hard to find anything positive in this chart. It lost nearly 40 % in January and its been slowly going down ever since. Hopefully your tip is a good one because it doesn't seem to have benefited from Pan's demise. Actually, the tip would have to be very revolutionary to affect this share price.

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    Default (LIP) Lipa Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

    Anyone know anything about this stock? Seems to of broken on the 4/1/ and heading north rapidly, 12% increase in 4 days, however did drop back today. Sorry for lack of chart.

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    Smile Re: Lipa Pharmaceuticals (LIP)

    They are a generic drug manufacturer. They floated after PAN went under and went as high as $2.70. They later announced they would not meet propectus forecasts and have slowly fallen since then. The recent rise is not impressive if you look at the chart.

    I sold this week.

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