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    I bought a few (£500 worth) shares in a company called NMR, New Millenium Resources, some time ago. All of a sudden one day (they were registered in the London Stock Exchange), they were mysteriously de-listed. Since then I have not been able to find out much about them. I did find a site and it is very much established that the company seems to be acting in a fraudulent manner. The shares were sold to me by a company based in London called Pacific & Continental. This company would appear to have gone bust now after being involved in many fraudulent transactions. NM are apparently chaired by an Australian called Shane Healy. I have tried to contact him by telephone and email, both unsuccessfully. I was, at the time, regularly sent all the appropriate material concerning the company. I have received nothing for about 18 months now. Is there anyone out there that can give me any further information please.
    Regards, DAVE.

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    Hi Dave

    There was an announcement last December. It appears the Co is still active and trying to relist. http://www.new-millennium.com.au/index.php
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    I looked for Shane Healy on Google and found a few entries on him -

    New Millennium Resources Limited - Company: Directors
    Managing Director & CEO - Shane Healy. Managing Director, CEO, Finance Director and Company Secretary - Shane Healy. Shane, from Australia, is an accountant ...
    www.new-millennium.com.au/co_dir.php - 23k - Cached - Similar pages

    You might also do a google search for the New Millenium using the various versions of the company's name.

    NMR is the code for Nimrodel Resources Ltd. Look it up by starting at -


    Good luck.


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