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    Default SP movements on no announcements?

    Why/how do some stock prices have large moves (mostly up) when there are no anouncements? Insider traders can't be responsible for the total volume as there is too many trades taking place.

    So how do 'normal' traders not privy to such insider information get in on the rise when it is occurring? Is there some sort of scanning software involved that alerts of large price spikes?

    An example of this of late is ERH & MEO. No anouncements, but both have had significant upwards movement in their SP in the last week.



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    Default Re: SP movements on no announcements?

    MEO Scary,

    Has been accumulated by significant purchaser so goes up spasmodically as there has not been too much normal market support. So up and down, up and down! Buyer steps in and buys, buys, buys, then stops! Waits for retrace then buys, buys, buys! Others jump on when it is going up in hope lol.

    Some may go up because the sector is going well. After a period of consolidation these can go up 5% quite easy after sellers have been flushed. So some stocks are on an uptrend and will go through cycles until they hit high as market is prepared to pay. They may rise on expectation of announcement.

    So do not need inside information, many use technical analysis to measure what in fact is a time when enough support is shown to eliminate sellers and move up in price.

    Many more but some food for thought

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    Default Re: SP movements on no announcements?

    I was thinking of the use of TA aswell. But looking at the previous days trades on some of the stocks that have shot up in price on a single day without an anouncement, there may have been very small movements &/or a retrace in the SP the day before. Which would give very little indication for the TA's out there as a 'buy' signal.

    The only other thing I can think of (bear in mind I am a novice) is that traders are using predetermined rising buys or software such as Commsec Pro Trader and just "happen" to be watching that stock and jump in as it goes through the roof. Highly unlikely though.... so what are the tools being used? I am obviously missing something here!



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