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    Default Metastock formula debugging

    First time I've looked at Metastock and have some questions on their Indicator Builder.

    * How can I debug a formula I've written?
    * How can I see variables values for a particular day? (apart from end result)
    * Is there a immediate window (like in VB) were you you print varibales etc...?


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    Default Re: Metastock formula debugging

    Hi Lintz - I'm a bit rusty on Metastock, but for your first question if memory serves the program will highlight an error you have made in a formula by placing the cursor at the location of the error and providing a brief description of the mistake. The last version of Mstock I used was 7.1, been a few updates since then.

    Your next two questions ... will have to leave those to others sorry.

    Hope this helps a little.
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    Default Re: Metastock formula debugging

    thanks Timmy, hopefully some other metastock users can help with my other questions.

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    Default Re: Metastock formula debugging

    I presume you want to put variables into your indicator.
    This can be done.
    Have a read through the metastock user manual.
    Then if you wish to write your own formulas go the the M/S website and download their free understanding metastock language book.


    Lots of info here.


    Enjoy its a long road.

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    Default Re: Metastock formula debugging

    thanks for the links tech, i'll check them out now.

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