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    What date does daylight savings end in the Eastern states?
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    Saturday night 26th March.......great, played golf this morning...back by 9.00am.


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    Quote Originally Posted by clowboy
    What date does daylight savings end in the Eastern states?
    All end last Sunday 26th. However, the other end is a little confusing.

    Logic suggests that since all states agree to end around the time of the equinox in Autumn (March 21) they ought to start around the equinox in Spring. That is, if you end half way between the longest and shortest days (longest Dec 21 and shortest Jun 21) then it makes sense to start half way between the shortest and longest days. That is, start daylight savings at the end of September. Makes perfectly logical sense in terms of the actual sunrise / sunset times and it's what many other countries do.

    However, no Australian state gets it quite right. Tasmania comes closest starting at the beginning of October which is about a week or two late. NSW, Vic and SA start at the end of October which is a month late from a pure logical perspective. SA seems to be coming round to Tassie's way of thinking though which suggests a national change might be on the way since the other South-Eastern states have always (eventually) adopted Tasmania's approach on this issue with a decade or two time lag.

    So... if you live in NSW, Vic or SA then you might be about to lose your excuse to sit in front of the TV or on the net every evening in October Saves electricity too (that's why Tassie introduced it in the first place in 1967). There's a push for daylight saving on the Gold Coast too (they don't have any at the moment).

    That's the most complex answer I can come up with to such a simple question.

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    Talking Re: Daylight savings

    Daylight savings was extended is S.A.till late March to accomodate the Arty Farty Bull****...eg Fringe Festival, Adelaide Festival. Has not much to do with the mechanics of the Equinox, just lifestyle!

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    In Qld I don't have to worry - same time all year, but now I get an extra hour in the morning before the market opens!
    I actually prefer 9 to 3, so I like the Eastern summer time!

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    yea, im the same, sorta

    market opened late today so I assume that Daylight savings had ended but wanted to confirm

    Thanx all
    The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing mankind he does not exist.

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    If your time is incorrect after daylight saving ended, please go to the date/time options in your UserCP and adjust them: http://www.aussiestockforums.com/for...do=editoptions

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    Daylight savings...

    ....don't have to deal with that here.

    The concept of time is so very subjective.

    I love that there are still cultures (and animals) out there, around the world, that don't place bounds upon time other by observing nature...sunrise, sunset, flowers blossoming, snow falling, temperatures changing...there is so much beauty in simplicity.

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