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    Hi guys,

    This is my first post here where id like to say i have found your website quite imformative and love going through certain topics. I have been trading for a few years now using metastock with eod data via paritech which ive had no problems with. Now im prepared to take the plunge into recieving live data via esignal and am suprised at the lack of support for asx live feed into metastock. All i see are nyse symbols categorized into sectors etc. Ive called esignal and metastock to pnly confirm with me that they dont support international markets or at least have the data stored on there servers for international markets. Surely there must be other ways, work arounds people are using to get by this. I hope its not to manually create secuirites and update them myself because that would be pointless and time consuming. Id like to know what other members think or suggest. Will quote centre be a more viable option? Any info would be much appriated. Thank you

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    To use a live data feed you will have purchase a different version of MetaStock.
    as it says on the web site you can use QuoteCentre to get an "Asian Package" for ASX data
    check out the fee, $1,300 p/a

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    Hi i do have metastock 9 pro esignal version as well as metastock 10 eod.
    Thats not the problem. Its that esignal dont have asx stock charts on there servers to use within metastock only u.s symbols. Just thought i get other peoples ideas about how they go about this. Surely the only alternative wont be to manually create new secuirites. Esignal and metastock communicate fine its just accessing asx charts history etc

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