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    Hi im a newb and got no experience at all in derivatives, and i don't intend on getting experience any time soon. I understand the basic underlying principals invovled but i'm still a lost case, looking for the answers.

    Would be greatly appreciated to hear from you guys on here how you started off in derivatives and your experience in trading in futures etc.. from once you first began to now.

    Another question I have is how does the contracts on futures work? I understand the shorting and going long on a market but what happens at the end of the day. I've noticed the market opens generally several points either way of what it closed on the previous day, and what is the go with holding your contract over night is there any penalties?? etc. another question I have is could you theorectically hold the contract in the same stance til the end of the contract date?

    Would be greatly appreciated to get some feedback and learn what's the ins and outs as it would be.


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    Have a look at this ebook. Good general starting point.

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