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    Default Excess dividend payment

    I just checked my trading bank account and noticed a dividend payment from Southcorp, from when I held the shares (I've sold them already). I had 400 shares and the rate is 3 cps, giving a dividend of $12. However, I've had $20 credited to the bank account under the entry of Penfold's Dividend.

    Any idea where the other $8 (2 cps) might have come from? All other dividends have been exactly the expected amount.


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    Default Re: Excess dividend payment

    The dividend for SRP is not supposed to be paid until 31st March (next Thursday)......must be something else, but I can't find it in any reports.


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    Default Re: Excess dividend payment


    Wonder what it is then. The payment does say "Penfolds Dividend", where I gather Penfolds is part of Southcorp.

    Guess I'll wait and see if I get another $12 next week.


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