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    Did anyone see the 4 corners show last night on the drama with JCI,kimberly diamonds,sons of gwalia,laverton gold & the 2 directors robbing JCI blind namely brett kebble(dead) & his partner in crime john stratton,all to do with a south african mining company JCI,the repeat is shown tonight for those that missed it, at 11.30 pm.

    As i say about these overseas operations,overseas is over the seas...nothing like sticking to the miners in your own country..tb

    Bad Company

    Reporter: Andrew Fowler
    Broadcast: 02/06/2008

    One spring evening in 2005, Brett Kebble, a young mining magnate who had lived a life in the fast lane, drove off to a dinner appointment in the suburbs of Johannesburg. On the way he stopped and opened his window, inexplicably in the crime-ridden city, and was shot seven times at close range.
    Brett Kebble’s killing ignited a political and business scandal. It soon emerged that Kebble had been scamming investors for years. He had specialised in luring people into doomed ventures - like a clapped-out gold mine deep in the Sumatran jungle. He had even brought a venerable South African mining house to its knees.
    What also emerged were stunning allegations that Kebble had been involved in paying bribes of up to US$1 million to South Africa's police chief and Interpol boss Jackie Selebi.
    Four Corners unravels the amazing story of the Kebble empire's rise and fall – and the key role of an Australian businessman who is now fighting extradition to South Africa.
    "Bad Company"… reported by Andrew Fowler and produced by Wayne Harley, on Four Corners 8.30 pm, Monday 2 June on ABC1.
    This program will be repeated about 11.35 pm Tuesday 3 June; also on ABC2 at 8 am Tuesday.

    Who is john stratton?

    "He was the tungsten tip of the drill bit, and Kebble was the great, flabby weight behind it." That's how one Brett Kebble associate who dealt with John Stratton described the man who was regarded as Kebble's right-hand man and the nearest thing the mining magnate had to a friend.

    Now indications are that Stratton could join Glenn Agliotti as a co-accused in Kebble's murder -- if the Scorpions can secure his return to South Africa from Australia, that is.

    It won't be easy. Firstly, he is now 72 years old and reported to be very ill, suffering from cancer. Secondly, according to a number of sources, Stratton liked to boast that he worked with half a dozen Western intelligence agencies.

    "He likes to see himself as James Bond. I am not sure if his nickname, Bangles, refers to handcuffs or what," said one JCI insider, who asked not to be named. A number of sources have told the Mail & Guardian that Stratton was not averse to issuing direct threats of harm.

    Stratton was brought into Kebble's JCI at an early stage -- he became a director in 1998 -- and rose to be the most powerful figure in the group besides Kebble himself.

    "His office had an inter-leading door to Brett's and in would float this crow, this wattled crane," said one source, referring to Stratton's skinny and aging appearance. "There was a list of who had to get paid every month, no matter how dire the [financial] situation, and Stratton was always on it. At least R500 000 per month to my knowledge," said the same insider.

    Stratton, described as having "extraordinary wealth" also allegedly took a slice of both sides of every big deal. He has certainly loomed large in the forensic audit investigation into the alienation of assets from JCI and sister company Randgold & Exploration, with a number of suspect share transactions involving companies he is suspected of controlling.

    But another source said: "Stratton was very clever; was always the one who drew up agreements, but someone else always signed, he hardly ever put pen to paper."

    His official profile describes him as "a director of various Australian companies" with 40 years of experience in the resource sector, who had managed joint venture operations in the Persian Gulf, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the United States, Mauritius and India.

    Stratton was also central to the Rawas affair, in which Durban Roodepoort Deep (DRD), then under the sway of Brett's father, Roger, bought an exhausted gold mine in Sumatra for R122-million from a company called Laverton Gold.

    It turned out that Laverton had been on the verge of liquidation, that JCI was one of its creditors (to the tune of $11-million) and that Roger Kebble and Stratton were on the Laverton board. The deal bailed out JCI to the detriment of DRD and was the subject of protracted and unfinished legal proceedings.

    Stratton is seen by others who were inside the JCI group at the time as having helped Brett Kebble take his financial schemes to the next level. His stepdaughter and her husband, a chartered accountant, worked at JCI. Both, according to a source who knows them, were "incredibly well paid for what they were doing". This couple have since gone back to Australia. Stratton is described by just about everyone connected to JCI as "frightening" and as the main enforcer. Also, according to one insider, he "saw himself as a master strategist".

    It seems he ran much of the intelligence and dirty-tricks operation, particularly with regard to the Kebbles' battle with DRD after it was taken over by Mark Wellesley-Wood.

    He also seems to have managed Agliotti's role. "I didn't know much about Agliotti, except that he was one of John's people," said one former employee.

    Stratton functioned as Kebble's strategic adviser, but appeared to be most closely associated with the private intelligence and security network Kebble gathered around him and was notably close to Agliotti and later to Kebble security adviser Clinton Nassif.

    "At his house there was this amazing security apparatus," said one source, describing a room full of monitoring screens.

    Stratton was allegedly prominent in securing documentation following Kebble's murder. He was also allegedly a frequent visitor to Nassif's security-company offices in the months after the murder and, according to one source, made it his business to monitor the progress of the investigation.

    At the time of the murder, Stratton issued a statement saying: "We are all in deep shock. Brett was one of my closest friends and I have the greatest respect for him as a visionary whose contribution to black empowerment in South Africa is enormous."
    only a legend has a street named after him!

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    Thanks, will be interested to watch. Missed it on Monday.

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    Default Re: 4 Corners Tonight: Mining, Money & Murder

    Is it available online at all?

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    Default Re: 4 Corners Tonight: Mining, Money & Murder

    tb, yep - brilliant wasn't it!
    sheesh - $14K per night hotel rooms at shareholder's expense
    - the sort of directors that shareholders should be aware of.
    to say nothing of the fact that the bastard belongs in jail.

    How about the head of Interpol getting his position by throwing a party for other police , all paid for by the mob and/or corrupt money, lol. $50K whatever. Wouldn't you think they'd ask questions about who was footing the bill !! ?

    hope Stratton gets extradited to Sth Africa.
    good ole ABC

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    Default Re: 4 Corners Tonight: Mining, Money & Murder

    excellent show that every trader should see.

    tip of the iceberg i reckon in all stock markets.

    awarding yourself (directors) shares and/or options is another good way of stripping a company.

    where there is money there is greed and there is corruption.



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    Default Re: 4 Corners Tonight: Mining, Money & Murder

    Yeah i watched it again just to remind myself about putting our hard earned into companies with overseas projects...DONT DO IT TRENDSETTERS STAY WELL AWAY...

    JCI is connected to peter landau of cnf,neo,kkt,rrs, with cts,artemis,range res.bad smell coming from it...go look see how many of those miners have got the u beaut overseas gold,u308 projects...

    CTS...kyrgyzstan,peru. u308 grounds...hands up cts holders who knows where kyrgyzstan is.?..what a rort......http://www.contacturanium.com.au/
    the management team is way out of its depth,1 director with u308 experience...very suss...as of the last quarterly report they had only $147,000,had borrowed $1.1m...here ill paste it..anz & artemis bailed out on the 1st & 9th of may..repes prime,so it looks like a ponzy about to fall over very soon...

    During the quarter the company arranged a loan of AUS$1.1m with sophisticated investors, repayable in either cash or shares with coupon interest and options at the company’s discretion on June 30th 2008 (date of 20c option exercise). The loan was arranged when the company’s share price was just above 30c and it became clear little traction in the market was being achieved in spite of strong drilling results. A loan, rather than a placement, was arranged in order to prevent dilution at lower prices and on the presumption that a recovery would occur.
    In April 08 (after report date) the company arranged draw down loan facility of up to $500,000 with sophisticated investors, repayable on or before 30 September 2008. The company is currently arranging financing for continued exploration programmes.
    only a legend has a street named after him!

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    Default Re: 4 Corners Tonight: Mining, Money & Murder

    Quote Originally Posted by doctorj View Post
    Is it available online at all?

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    Default Re: 4 Corners Tonight: Mining, Money & Murder

    Thanks for the heads up Tigerboi, and the link Barndat.

    Sobering information that made me lose my appetite (for my lunch and risk).

    I'm waiting to see if any TA guru's will make a comment about the irrelevance of it all if you concentrate on price action and reliable signals.



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    Got his right whack thats for sure 7 bullets just to make sure he was dead,would be adlers & his ilk should keep that in mind...some play fair dinkum who reckon 18 months in a prison camp after all the ill gotten gains go to the wife is a load of bull5hit.

    be careful who you rob for $400m,they WILL get nasty!...tb
    only a legend has a street named after him!

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    Default Re: 4 Corners Tonight: Mining, Money & Murder

    Excellent links, 123enen. Why some Australian news media sites don't follow the example and have some in depth reports like that I just don't know.



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