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    Default Bell Potter opinions

    Just wandering what people think of Bell Potter as a broker/share advice service?

    Thanks, Shaun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryzz View Post
    Just wandering what people think of Bell Potter as a broker/share advice service?

    Thanks, Shaun.
    speaking personally, brilliant

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    PM sent

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    Default Re: Bell Potter opinions

    Yes, ok, my fist advisers some 11 years ago here in Victoria then called Johnson/Taylors. I was very wet behind the ears then and opted for another group who were a disaster. However it did me a favour in learning to be my own adviser. My first adviser from Johnson Taylors, wanted me to read all about Warren Buffet. I did not for about 4 years, it was the greatest advice anyone has ever given me.

    Hope I am not out of order here, but a bloke called Kevin Foote was fantastic and I wish I could still share things with him.

    cheers xplod

    today was at the funeral of one of my very closests friends of life, who in fact had Kieth as adviser too. Bruce loved him for the wonderful property trusts that he got him into.
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    Been with them a while now, and have never had a problem. They are very good in my opinion.

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    I saw some of the glorious posting on BPS and wished to have joined them on line too
    Unfortunately as I have posted few times my experience with BPS has been making losses,
    WIthout naming the relevant analyst - he was always shaky, FOr example while asking investing in NRW - I will not invest my money
    Recommended for INES just to get in disaster,
    He recommended for BYL, MTS - all went down
    He kept promising for allotment for GCS - never gave any allotment
    Even their own IPO went down
    ONly good point was LogiCam - I made some money through IPO

    Followed their recommendation in newsletter for many and just to name a few PGL and CBH went down and they revised all of the recommendation for pharmaceuticals, My broker did not have enough experience in pharma

    Mr Quinton (not my broker and too high in the rank) always no comment on FMG even when it was at 24 dollars before split
    My strategy is now to read BPS recommendation and if they say buy then I look to do just reverse

    May be I was unlucky but that was my experience
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    No better or worse than any other so called "full service broker" these days. It really does all depend on how well the broker themself integrates into your trading/investing strategy I think.

    I would want to have a coffee and take time to meet him/her and discuss their own investing plans and let them explain how they intend to value add to help you make money.

    If you two build a rapport then have a closer look at what they offer in the way of research and services. Does the broker have their own sources of research or do they just spout the corporate line.

    Good luck,


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