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    What does it mean when a company puts "Holdings" after it's name?


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    It means it's a Holding Company ..... or the main owner of other subsiduraries or companies , or the major part there of ....... most of it's income stream would be from leases / rents , dividends , interest , capital gains or special payments such as royalties , or rights .

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    They are just holdings companies, (as mentioned above)

    Sometimes they are the listed entity on the Stock market, and they act as the management and financing company for the other companies in the group.

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    Default Re: What's in a company name?

    What's in a company name, you ask?

    A lot more than most people think.

    Take "Holdings" after it's name for example.

    Holdings is one of the words that has a mystical air about it. It generally has to do with a higher level of spirit and consciousness... higher understanding... the notion of recognising exponential potential in accepting and being accepted in sharing cooperation and wisdom.

    Yeah, I know. Not quite what you expected.

    And of course the rest of the company name will skew that one way or t'other.
    Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

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