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    Default What does "crossed" mean?

    Hi all

    What does the term "crossed" mean next to a trade?



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    not quite sure what you mean, but i assume your referring to the stock trading status, here is a link for the codes meanings.


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    There are different types of crossings. If you buy from someone who happens to be selling via the same broker it can show up as a crossed trade. There are also actively brokered crossings that are flagged on screen before being crossed. And there are special crossings which are done off market.

    Here is a link on the asx site that describes the different crossing scenario's.

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    thanks for the replies

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuttlefish View Post
    If you buy from someone who happens to be selling via the same broker it can show up as a crossed trade.
    Hmm, but wouldn't a lot of trades be crossed then, such as comsec to comsec broker trades? Could we further reduce brokerage costs if we had a 'private market' showing those shares that are on Bid/Offer by a particular broker?

    heh - guess similar to same provider mobile calls!

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