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    I know there is a stack of charting software out there but I like a challenge and want to create one myself. I have done a bit of searching on the web for a charting control to start my software and from the looks of things StockChartX looks like a winner (so far). My question is, does anyone know what charting control other software like MetaStock, Market Master, Omni Trader etc... use?

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    Good on you for wanting a challenge. (But as a software developer and knowing there is stacks of software already out there - some free, would question why I (and this is purely subjective) would do this.)

    Also look at ChartFX.

    I don't know what feature you want to put into your program. but make sure that you consider the following

    the cost of your time and libraries that you have to purchase vs buying a package (like Amibroker) off the shelf and using the in-built scripting language.


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    thanks Tim, I'll also look at ChartFX.

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    Just out of interest, What language are you writing it in?

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    Most likely VB.Net

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    I too am a software developer and I have thought about doing the same thing, however it just doesn't make economical sense. That is to get a little more functionality then whats available in other products would take considerable time and cost.

    The cost and (historic) availability of data alone makes it difficult as you'll probably want tick data. Also if you plan to use a third party charting product you're probably going to want to be able to modify it's behaviour as you can bet out of the box they'll only do so much...

    Have you had a play with any live system there are plenty about that you can get demos see commsec and etrade they'll give you demo access to their platforms.

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