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    I've searched for a thread on Commsec condition codes but can't find anything surprisingly. But what I wanted to ask is what does codes like XT, XTSXOS in the 'condition' field in Commsec mean? e.g

    Time Price Volume Value Condition
    04:51:49 PM 9.869 91,630 904,296.47 XTSXOS
    04:33:41 PM 9.900 47,700 472,230.00 XTSXOS
    04:10:27 PM 9.900 838 8,296.20 XT
    04:10:27 PM 9.900 150 1,485.00
    04:10:27 PM 9.900 1,000 9,900.00

    Is there a link with the definition all these types of codes? (I was going to post in the Acronym Thread topic but thought this was a bit too specific to Commsec no?)

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    XT on its own is just a crossing. This does not necessarily mean it was an actively brokered crossing - it can sometimes show up simply because the buyer and seller in an on-screen trade happen to be using the same broker.

    XTSXOS: XT - crossing, SX - portfolio special crossing, OS - overseas. I'm not sure what you can read from this but they're usually a larger parcel being moved from one place to another and is an off screen/off market transaction. It could be an insto or large holder shuffling stocks from one holding company/portfolio to another or it could be a brokered transaction between two parties.
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    Cheers cuttlefish

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    Default Re: Commsec condition codes?

    I believe these are ASX codes, not specific to Commsec, right?

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