BSN is an investment company located in Melbourne.

It initially attracted my attention because of its significant holding in ERH - Eromanga Hydrocarbons NL - (Im going to call it the Ozzie Brazilian)

from its 20 may 08 ann:

"Due to numerous enquiries, Bisan Ltd wishes to confirm that through its wholly owned subsidiary, Elken Tower Pty Ltd, it currently holds 5,000,000 fully paid shares (ASX: ERH) and 27,200,000 partly paid shares (ASX: ERHCA) in Eromanga Hydrocarbons NL."

The stock price of ERH has gone gangbusters - up over 250% in the last week and a half.

BSN has a market cap of $5m.

Although apart from that, you really cant get much more information about BSN other than the limited information in its annual reports.

BSN's NTA is definitely on the move up.

Down 7% today tho...