As I touched on in another thread, one of my teachers is for helping disease carriers(AIDS).The presently incurable diseases such as aids, cancers, leukemias, common cold, multiple schlerosis, asthma and many others have the medical system searching for cures.
Of course if I had one of these diseases, or a family member I would certainly be hoping for a cure.Also I am a compassionate person and help practically (leukemia foundation door knock 19th. july - 1st. august) and monatary donations to other orgs.

BUT from another perspective I think that diseases are what holds back the human population from exploding, along with natural destruction of land and the life in that vicinity, genetic defects, aged etc.This is natural attrition. The power of nature is great and is centered on balance.

By altering the natural attrition process, by curing all life threatening diseases, does it not open the door to a massive population explosion which will see more and more of the life giving forests destroyed and the creeks, rivers and oceans choked.I give the human race another couple hundred years at this pace, and we will have wiped out thousands of animal and plant species (we call that extinction).

It is a conscience thing and although being a compassionate person, I think nature knows best, not man.