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    Inspired by this thread: http://www.aussiestockforums.com/for...ad.php?t=10952

    I thought I would make a new topic on "My Brilliant Brain" airing on Fox at the moment.

    It looks at those who use the right side of their brain without as much restriction from their left side. They are generally either born with it, or it happens after a brain injury of some kind. Either through a mental breakdown of sorts (and a subsequent chemical change), or physical accident.

    They are called "savants" in the documentary and this is how most brilliant mathameticians think.

    It triggers the question, do these people possess "superior intellect"or are simply those able to use the right side of their brain with more freedom and therefore, everybody is capable of solving such complexity and could therefore perhaps one day, understand some of these 'prooven' theories or even create their own? Which of course, could help advance society to no end, so to speak.

    It goes on to show a study at the University of Sydney, whereby they use magnetic pulses (it appears) on ordinary people, who without doubt (probably showed the most extreme case on the documentary), become far more creative and better with detailed numbers.

    Which then further poses the question, what if you use this same test on those already possessing this quality?

    Very interesting study on the brain I thought and hopefully will generate some discussion with either those who know more about this topic, or who have simply watched the documentary such as myself.

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