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    can anyone recommend a good reliable mobile broadband.
    Iam with vodafone and its dreadful-trued to get out but ended up with a faceless, telephone-less and email adressless complaints dept. real good that.
    they stuffed their service up for the last month so every time i was in the middle of atrade it dropped.
    thanks in advance

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    Dr Stock,
    we give our remote workers in OZ the telstra mobile broadband service.
    They say its good when in range of the 3g network for the business apps, but lacking reliablity when its running on the GSM network, but email / web run OK on both.
    So have a look at that, it seams to work ok for us, they also have an ok service department, but we are a company not a individual.

    In Asia we use the service from 3 and have no major problems.

    I don't think I would like to run my trading from a mobile broadband service if I was only going to get the GSM network, it would be OK on the 3G network I guess.

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    I've been using bigpond wireless broadband - seems to work well when out and about in Sydney and also up and down the eastern seaboard of NSW (Byron down to Eden). Haven't had a dropout and reception levels have been good. I went out to Stanthorpe as well and had good reception there. But I haven't really strayed far from the beaten track.
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    I use unwired. Never had any problems with it. However i have only ever used it in sydney.

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    I'm with "Three" (3).

    DYOR of course, but my dealings are they have atm $29 pm for 2 Gig. BUT must be in 3G area! Suits me because I rarely venture out past "the zone" and when I do...don't want the tra-la-la of email, internet, etc...

    Drop outs out have never occured, but I'm talking Brisbane city, and inner suburb.

    I do want to make sure people understand 3 CHARGE when you venture outside the 3G area. But you can set the modem to only this area...and I suggest you do at the price they charge. (I forget and dont care...set to NO on that part.)

    To any avail Dr. Stock, I looked at Vodafone, eg; better rate, more bandwidth...glad I missed. Went to the store twice, (second time to pick up my "reserved" modem) to be told we are sold out, come back next week.

    My guess that mobile internet will be the norm in x days/months/???. Mobile internet has it advantages! Googling in a taxi from the airport to work makes the traffic thing less stressful!

    My worth anyway

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    I've found the wireless broadband has given me a lot of freedom - a bit like the difference between having a home phone and a mobile phone. I've been able to go up and down the coast but bring the laptop and log in whenever I need to. Around Sydney as well - it takes a while to click to how much freedom it gives you - you don't need to be at home or in an office - you can go and do what you want.
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