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    Post ADY - Admiralty Resources

    I'd just like to know peoples thoughts on ADY, seems as though its had a good run lately. Dropped back a bit in the past week or so.

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    Default Re: ADY

    Have you seen the breakouts thread? techA posted a chart on it, thought it may be good for starters (unless that's where you saw it, in which case sorry for stating the obvious).

    My posts are not recommendations (even when I rave about something). Always rely on your own research & judgement.

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    Default ADY- multi commodity producer on the up

    Hey all,

    I am sure most of you have heard a lot about ADY on other forums but if not this could well be worth a look.

    Production of Iron Ore from an existing set of mines in Chile should begin either Sept/Oct/Nov depending on equipment orders.

    Rincon Salar, to begin producing in June 06 before ramping up to major production over the next couple of years.

    Will be producing Iron Ore, Lithium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium sulphate and boric acid.

    At 12c, appears cheap as chips imho, apparently been sold down by a dodgy holder in Index options. They have just been wound up and now, maybe any runs upwards won't be buried as quickly as they begun. PM for more info if you like.

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    Default Re: ADY

    Imho, getting ready to boom. Index options have been selling this down since May. They brought 34M in May and where of the register in June, but back on for another 12M in July. They haven't been getting these shares cheaply and dumping them, and most likely haven't made a profit out of ADY. They now appear to have been wound up for good:


    With these guys off our back, it may be about time we begin to see a re-rating of ADY. Remember this thing ran to 23c, and bounded big time again to 17c, before Index came on the seen. If these guys are finally out it may be time for some movement without the selldown stopping it short.

    Iron Ore should be on-line soon. Initially producing from 3Mt fines stockpiles which should make initial profit margins very nice.

    Rincon ramping up from June next year.

    Imho, a buy and hold for future production.

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    Default Re: ADY

    They look the goods. A lot of trading happening right now.
    Im buying in. 16,000 shares $0.125 = $2400.00

    It's a great opportunity.

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    Default Re: ADY

    Jumped up before i could get them!
    15,000 @ 14.5 purchased this morning!

    There is sooo much demand for this stock! After reading their site. And some perspecitves on it.

    P/S Growth ratio = 2,743.40
    P/B ratio = 12.41

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    Default Re: ADY

    Yeah they do seem to have a great future coming up. Unfourtunately looks like to may have been another pump and dump, this stocks a traders favourite. Anyway, close at 13.5c hopefully just traders getting out over w/e, depth looks weak now, could be back at 12c b4 u know it, but you never know, it could be a different picture Monday morning.

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    Default Re: ADY

    why would you think it'll drop?

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    Default Re: ADY

    Well it did get sold down after opening and then climbing to 15c. Could just be traders getting out over w/e. Fundamentally, I like the story and think once we are producing Iron Ore, price should probably be above 20c. Question is when that market will rate ADY and stop thinking its a risky venture. I had been in ADY for a while, and looking back at the trading history suggests its another pump and dump. Maybe with Index options gone and offshore buying rumoured, there is a re-rating in progress. See what Monday brings.

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    Default Re: ADY

    HEy bailej03,

    Id love any extra info you have on these guys!
    I was a bit upset i got them at 0.145 - then they slipped to 0.135

    Im looking to buy in some more. Or possibly sell in the next big rise. Then buy back in on a low.... to secure more shares... then hold till they start to mine.

    Whats the go with the report on their site about their POTENTIAL value sitting at.... $1.73 per share...

    Thanks mate..

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    Default Re: ADY

    What happens when millions of shares are wanting to be purchased... BUT only half as many want to sell!!!!!
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    Default Re: ADY

    Manipulation mate!!! The bastards play ADY like a fiddle. I try and go with them when I am in front of the puter but generally just get your hopes on for nothing. One day though, it will smash through 15-16c and then keep going as the market over-reactions al la March. Unless good news is one the way, then its probably best to wait for the inevitable re-trace. Last news was not meet by a rise suggesting management now remains very tight lipped, unlike earlier in the year when it ran very hard!

    Imho, a very good share to have a piece of.

    I wouldn't read much into that $1.73 valuation. A bit of a long shot and from what I have heard, it did much more damage than good. A one of their presentations the methods used where criticised for which management had no very much to say in their defence. Anyway, thatís beyond us now!

    Iron Ore for between 1.5-3Mt p/a will begin ramping up to production anytime now from Sep - October. Lets hope the plant arrives tomorrow! Contract in place and Phil said he would be trying to maximise value by selling on the spot market when and where possible.

    A few good sites to look at, hopefully Joe doesn't mind:

    www.topstocks.com.au - Phil Thomas, MD, under 'CEO Spotlight' uncovering a lot of good information.

    Some good research also done on SS.

    Rincon should be producing this time next year and has contracts in place for minor products. Lithium contracts have been rumoured to be around the corner.

    Hope this helps your decision. If I were in your shoes, I pick up a few at these prices just in case, but what for it to drop eventually on no news.



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    Default Re: ADY

    Check this out Aden, first research report on ADY:

    Base valuation 48c, 12 month target 25c!!


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    Default Re: ADY

    Thanks for that!! Very much appreciated! A really great read!

    I bought in at 14.5 cents last week...
    As it was going up each day! i just jumped on in! silly me!

    But, i now have 15,000 shares. so im happy.
    Its still trading right on 14.5 cents.

    I just ask my self whether its worth buing more!?

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    Default Re: ADY

    Of course its worth buying more!, question is wheter or not the price is right. Strong buying today, particularly when they could have easily let it slip to 13.5c and accumulate some more. Who knows, good manipulation or somebody looking to get in. If we sustain 14c for a few more days then imho, sp will probably break out with a bit of good buying (mainpulation??) 20c at least.

    Good to see you got onboard anyway. Let's hope she lives up to her potential.

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    Default Re: ADY

    Oh.. she will!!
    Lithium is the next big thing. and they have plenty of that to mine!!

    Hopefully i can round up another 2k investment before it gets too high!

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    Default Re: ADY

    Yeah its looking better. News in the wings??

    MTM converting another 25M should ensure no immediate cash flow issues. Hopefully if they intend to offload, they have some other willing buyers lined up and won't dump on market - wouldn't expect it, they are certainly longer term considering they took no profits above 20c.

    Potenital announcements driving the northward move?

    September could see:

    -Iron Ore Plant delievered

    -JORC completed for Japenesa properties

    -Lithium uptake???

    -Evaluation/Purchase of surrounding properties?

    Good times ahead imho, 14.5c looks rock solid. I don't think traders bother playing things this long, they'd be in and out like the past. This looks like it, a realisation of the potential of ADY!

    Good Luck Holders

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    Default Re: ADY

    Well ADY powering ahead today. Anybody else got onboard?

    No News yet, but holding up nicely and once the ADRs commence around the 26th, we should see good support for ADY and very limited downside. If it retraces back to 16c on no news then its an excellent buying oppurtunity imho.

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    Default Re: ADY

    ADY is at an interesting level now with the downside trend appearing to have ended . couple good announcements this month have been met with selling into the buyers , i suspect this is due to overhang from recent placement to financiers to meet interest obligations , unfortunately ADY issued the shares at a substansial discount to market price . once this overhang is through we could see advance to recent highs . i'm thinking maybe half through so far . chart looks better in recent weeks with the downtrend breached . small gap to fill at 10.5c . nice support confirmed at april lows 9cents ish .
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    Default Re: ADY

    seems listing in US wont hurt either
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