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    Default Filtering stocks according to price?

    Is there anyway to filter stock according to price?

    I am using Etrade at the moment and none of there stock filters appear to let you filter by price.

    My end goal is to get a list of penny stocks!

    Any help much appreciated!


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    Default Re: Filtering stocks according to price?

    rhyslivs, on Etrade go to Quotes & Research, Tools, Advanced stock filter, under Category select value, under Field select price, under Option select rank lowest and press Search.

    You will come up with a list starting with 0.00.
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    Default Re: Filtering stocks according to price?

    I think almost any charting software package with scanning capability will do this for you. Metastock and Amibroker spring immediately to mind. Maybe look at Incredible Charts too.

    I am sure others will be along with more ideas if these don't suit.
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    Default Re: Filtering stocks according to price?

    Exactly what i was looking for, thanks guys.

    Far out, theres alot more of them than i thought there would be!

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