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    Red face What will happen to my CBH shares?

    I recently bought CBH. Now I have learnt that it is to merge with Perilya. What will happen to my shares now? Would it be advantageous for me to keep the shares, or sell at a small loss? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you aware CBH are preparing to spin off some of their business into another entity? I believe you will receive one share for every 9.1 shares of CBH you currently own. go to asx.com.au and look up CBH. You will have the option to read any recent announcements from the company.

    As for buying or selling, unfortunately that is your call. Maybe you could try ask yourself a few questions such as:
    Why did you buy them in the first place?
    Were you looking to hold short term or long term before the announcement?
    What do you want to acheive from the share?

    CBH has not paid a dividend for some time so capital growth is the way forward with this share, history tells us. You must decide if it has the potential for capital growth within the timeframe you intend to hold.

    good luck with it.


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