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    Default Free ASX data for ProTA Gold?

    hi, im learning prota gold on my mac at the moment... i have downloaded a cd with historical price data on it for the asx. my question is what site is the best to download free daily data for the asx???

    thanks for any help!

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    Will cost you but only once. It'll get the data you are after and is probably worth the cost. Other than that, there are a myriad of Windows programs (databull.com) that'll download free data if you are running Parallels or Fusion. Beware if you are tracking multiple markets (ie ASX and US)...add the .AX suffix to all your asx tickers as many US stocks have the same ticker symbol.
    Depending on how much time you have it may be better to go for an inexpensive EOD provider like http://www.cooltrader.com.au/
    It could save you a lot of grief.
    If you want to pay absolutely nothing then be prepared to spend a good deal of time getting the data each day (depending on how many stocks you are tracking). Free data isn't always that clean either.

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    Default Re: Free ASX data for ProTA Gold?

    thanks for the reply , i will give stockxloader a go

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