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    Not Share related- but definetly General Chat related

    Has anyone had any experiences with E-Bay..Positive or Negative?

    I've been speaking with a friend who sells all kind of stuff there as a secondary income and several people have started thier businesses there?

    Any thoughts or ideas?
    The Barbarian Investor

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    I've bought and sold many things on eBay. Only ever had positive experiences. Alot of people make money, especially if you buy bulk lots off eBay and then resell them as single items.

    Its also great to get cheap CD's and software etc or anything electronic

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    I purchased a piece of networking equipment on there once.

    It was my first and only experience on Ebay and while I received the item and saved a few thousand on RRP, the item didn't arrive exactly as described and was missing some accessories like GBICs and mounting brackets.

    A few months later I decided it'd be cheaper to just go out and replace the missing items myself rather than continue to spend on phone calls.

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    Hi, I recently sold a dell latitude l400 laptop to a buyer in singapore for $800.00, i bought it used for only $700.00, but the guy said it was in high demand at his shop. I have also sold a few mobile phones and a stack of university textbooks and have picked up a tidy sum for things i would have otherwise thrown away!

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