As I read the discussions in the trading strategies/systems forum I wonder about the following. The market moves significantly with the actions of large players that right or is it less definable than that? What are the trading strategies, motivations and reactions of the large players? Who would you place in that category? Do they exckusively use mechanical systems (the volume of trade would tend to suggest that's the only way to manage it)? What systems then? What risk ratios do they work with? How accurate are they? Are there so many and with so many varying effects that it doesn't matter ..they cancel each other out? Do any of "they" read/participate on ASF?
I'm not thinking about a manipulated market at all. More like a sea metaphor ... movement influenced by the big factors but presenting to us on the beach as influenced by "local" factors ..laugh if you like here. I need to see the pictures in my head!
I ask these questions because if these larger influences are important I'd like to understand them better. Michael