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    Default Opting out of company mail?

    I bought shares for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago.
    I'm not sure whether what I'm doing is trading or investing - I trade EOD and anticipate that I will hold stocks for a couple of weeks on average (from buy to sell). Also, I hold 10 different stocks at a time. This means that on average I will be doing one purchase and one sale a day.
    My problem is that I started to receive loads of mail - all sorts of it, welcome letters, voting forms, TFN forms and what not.
    I feel that this is a terrible waste of someone's time, paper, and Aus Post resources.
    My letterbox is flooded with letters.
    Is there a way to somehow opt out of all this correspondence?

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    Default Re: Opting out of company mail?

    You can't do much about voting forms and TFN forms. They are required to send you them.

    Reports you can usually opt out of the paper version for the electronic version.

    I used to subscribe to company mailing lists, but I've cancelled them all because I always get it too late, often a day or two after it's posted on ASX.
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