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    Default Stolen Number Plates = Free Petrol

    Good on yah Aussie media, let's train up a few more criminals.

    The latest "breaking news" (hardly even news-worthy IMO) puts the idea of stealing number plates to get away with petrol theft in the minds of other idiots who may not have thought of it - right down to listing the best target areas - and a video demonstration.

    The News Media is getting almost as bad as the internet with disseminating anti social and criminal behaviour.

    Just on another note, how do the parents amongst us keep their kids from being exposed to pornography on the internet? I only have to a search on almost anything in Google and bring up the images tab to be concerned.....

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    Default Re: Stolen Number Plates = Free Petrol

    check out net nanny or cyberpatrol for content restriction on your kids computer.

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    Default Re: Stolen Number Plates = Free Petrol

    Almost as good as not letting know jury about long as arm number of previous crimes,
    or treating suspects of foiled terrorist attack innocent until proven guilty or . . . the list seems to be quite long

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