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    Watching 4 Corners right now "Does money buy political favours? Sarah Ferguson investigates."

    I don't know about everyone else, but it really grates on me the seedy goings on presented here (not that we didn't know already).

    We all trade in the corporate world, and, hopefully benefiting from the way the "big wigs" manipulate the system - but do we really think corporate dollars determining our Government Representatives is really the best way to go?

    Am I being over sensitive to the current scandals with Woolongong Council, and questioning all my democratically elected Government Officials, or should I just shrug my shoulders and think - "well that's the way it's always been"?

    Funny how most of the councillors, in my opinion, don't look all that much trustworthy than some of the residents in our prisons.

    Maybe I have been listening to 2GB too much. Maybe, I should also be careful watching Media Watch as well - it all gets quite depressing - the amount of political and media manipulation we have to suffer.

    I am sure that there are others here who are rolling their eyes in disbelief that I have taken so long to realise how money buys the Government, but there are probably others here who feel like commenting .....

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    bludy disgraceful wasn't it....
    damned if I'm going to watch any ads for NSW Labour next state election

    then again, maybe by then there will be the same problem with both.

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    Regardless of who is in power, those with money and influence like to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roland View Post
    Watching 4 Corners right now
    Yeah, I saw it too.

    "Does money buy political favours?
    Nah, how did he put it... it buys some time with them... but then, if you don't want a favour, why would you buy some time with them.

    Similar situation on a much smaller scale with the mayor of Burnett Shire at Bargara near Bundaberg. Assused and I think found guilty of receiving undeclared donations from land developers and misleading the crime commission, but he refused to step down. Since deposed due to council amalgamations.

    But, I have seen National's dominated councils with their snout in the trough and who can forget the Howard's brother bailout favour.
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    Corruption runs very deep in Wollongong, and I mean really really deep. This is just surface stuff compared to what has gone on over the last 30 years. Not just the council at it either.

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