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    Hi guys - i am new to the forum and trading - and am in the process of piecing together my trading system from the bits and pieces i am learning - at the moment i am wondering where i obtain all the data i need easily (for value / fundamental analysis)? must i pay for it? i do not need instant data but within the week is probably essential.

    Any thoughts?



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    What broker are you using?

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    If you want an automatic email sent to you on a weekly basis then you'll probably need to pay for it, although from my research you either get real-time or end of day prices, not weekly. There is a list of vendors who can provide such information here: http://www.asx.com.au/resources/info...ices/index.htm

    If you wanted to keep costs to zero then sign up for an account that offers a "query" tool so that you can go in and extract all of the prices, EPS, DPS, etc data that you need. E*Trade has a tool to do this and I'm sure other online brokers will have the same. You'd have to go and extract the data manually but if you only want it weekly then it would only take you 5 minutes to pull the data out each week.

    Also, you mentioned trading and fundamental/value analysis. Are you going to be trading (i.e. frequently buying and selling stocks) or buying stock to hold for the medium to long term?


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