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    Does anyone know of a program that can get upto the second or minute updates on multiple shares, and create day charts of the securities?

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    Try Medved QuoteTracker.

    It's free and gets the data from Commsec/Etrade etc. Shows movements, dollar/% changes in your current holdings and overall portfolio, can plot tick data as fast as 20second intervals and supports as many shares/options you want to throw at it.

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    Does all of the above from Tickdata to any number of minute charts.
    The same charting as Guppy uses.
    Ive used it for 4 yrs and if its in your price range ideal.

    $400 setup plus any SBS antenna setups on your computer.
    $145/mth plus $80 for the charting package.

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    Yahoo.com.au has something in thier finance area..
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