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    Post AAI - Alcoa Inc.

    Well Alcoa has listed on the ASX, I didn't know that! Part of the Dow 30 and a very volatile performer but a takeover target.

    Currently trading at $46 while offering piss dividends of 70c a year, wow!

    I'd buy it if it gets around to $20/$25 as this share has had terrible luck breaking all-time highs.
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    Default Re: AAI - Alcoa Inc.

    It's listed but is doesn't appear to be tradable. Zero buyers and sellers. So maybe stick in a buy order for 10 cents and hope someone fatfingers a trade and sells on market

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    Question Re: AAI - Alcoa Inc.


    Absolute newbie here, so, be gentle.

    Any opinions on Alcoa's current state of affairs?

    Thank you!


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    Default Re: AAI - Alcoa Inc.

    Any thoughts about this share, seems to rising again..

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    On October 17th, 2016, Alcoa Inc. (AAI) was removed from the ASX's official list in accordance with Listing Rule 17.11 pursuant to the Company's request for removal from official quotation and the timetable set out in the Company's announcement dated 5 October 2016.

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