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    getting the funk .

    Any ideas on good funk records/cds . I have alot of the older stuff and its certainly kickass material but looking for some progressive artists out there that might incorporate several influences like afro funk / xploitation is also pretty big on the list but most of my stuff is pretty old . Starting with Curtis Mayfield , there isnt much more you could add as he is a class act , I have looked on the net for some Curtis remixes , some do him justice others are just very overdone and dont seem to balance his music . Isaac Hayes in the same bracket , the original songs are fairly complete and his shaft theme is a classic , I have heard a few djs try and enhance his and others material like dj pogo . dj pogo should stick to pogo sticks as his name suggests and stear clear of music . Melvin Van Pebbles music is also great and there are a whole line of great xploitation artists back then but I havet been able to find a dj or recent outfit that really adds another dimension or cut to the original themes without overdoing it and turning it into a pizza with the lot . Massive Attack , a progressive outfit , most of their songs I dont really like suffice to say I have most of their albums as there are alot of interesting cross sections or beats . lead ups in their music that are interesting . safe from harm is a perfect song , its subtle and balanced in every way and when I logged onto a US music site that tried to mix country and western with this song I figured there was something seriously wrong , protection with the lead singer from ebgt is perfect as well , so is unfinished sympathy , they have strong connections from the past but they are well crafted songs .
    Miles Davis and Cotrane , also great artists but would like to hear fusion and if any one can point out some good modern artists , not your conservative 3Lo Jazz moderates that would be great

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    You could try someone like Victor Wooten

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    hmmm James Brown... king of funk. He's played with a lot of musos who have gone off and done other things like Maceo Parker and Bootsy.
    Parliament Funkadelics are psychedelic funk.

    Lalo Schiffron has done some pretty cool funk albums like black widow which hardly anyone knows. Tho most people would have heard Schiffron's stuff on movie scores.

    Tower of Power is a great funk big band. Stevie Wonder has got some funky tunes too.

    Jamiroquai has got some great funk albums too.

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    For remixes .. DJ Cash Money - Head Bangin Funk 45's is a must....41 tracks on a 60 min mix.
    For more modern stuff try .. Sugarman 3 - Pure Cane Sugar

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    A thread where I know absolutely nothing about the subject matter! Not that that has ever stopped me posting to a thread with my opinion ... but on this one I am stumped!
    The contents of this post were tested, ruthlessly, on small, cute, furry animals. Most of them were fatally harmed. Hence, if this post causes irritation, please discontinue reading immediately.


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