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    I have been reading a bit about swing trading but I havefound it a bit confusing. Would someone be able to explain in in laymans terms



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    Hi Skinner --

    Swing trading is a term that refers to short holding periods -- a few days, usually. Longer than intra-day trading where the trade is closed by the time the market closes, shorter than trend following based on end-of-day data.

    Two examples of swing trading are:

    1. Use intraday bars, say 15 minute to one hour, and take trend following trades based on those time periods. That is -- buy strength based on intraday bars. Close out the trade when the intraday trend changes.

    2. Use end-of-day bars and take mean reversion trades that last one to three days. That is -- buy weakness based on end-of-day bars. Close out the trade on a timed exit or profit target. It is often difficult to wait for the exit to come from a signal, because that is often too late.


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