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    Hi ASFers,

    I'm a kiwi in Auckland who is about to graduate with a civil engineering degree, majoring in Traffic engineering.

    I have a particular interest in the development of public transport systems and traffic systems planning and have been casting my eye over the tasman some of the developments over at your side such as the Brisbane busway and Sydney's cityrail, and even further afield at Hong Kong's MTR. I have a few questions:

    1) How is Cityrail and Translink viewed by the general public in Sydney? What do their employees say about them?

    2) After taking a look at their websites (in which I found a graduate programme but no summer programme), what are the chances of Cityrail or Translink offering a few months of work for a kiwi?


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    Default Re: Jobs in traffic planning/public transport

    Mate if you got an IQ over 50 & can get a train to run on time,big chance you will be running the show in 2 weeks!!!

    I will put it to you this way,the 'transport suits' at the RTA did this not once but twice...

    1.They built the M5 east extension primarily to take container trucks off the road,they said ok you can run 4'6 containers in & out of botany,guess what height they built the 1st tunnel you come to out of botany? 4'5

    2.The RTA advised the M7 builders on the exit ramp at prestons to join the M7 with the M5....height...4'5 4'6 container comes along & makes it an instant 4'6!!!

    it wasnt me by the way!

    Come over mate but be warned ewe will be teased!...tb

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    Default Re: Jobs in traffic planning/public transport

    If you are that serious, take a look at the DPI in WA.

    A hell of a lot of follow up work going into the southern railway, and a lot of money going into planning and developing a massive (for Perth standards), light rail system.

    It's going to be a dream here for anyone interested in public transport systems over the next few years.

    Plus we have the best post-grad programs for public transport in Australia over here.


    P.S. - from what I hear, it's pretty depressing being in the NSW public transport sector. Everyone I know from Perth interested in this area has come back to Perth pretty beaten up. Just pushing **** up hill when private business can legally shut down proposed and already established routes... thanks to government contracts.
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