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    Company Name|ASX Code|GICS Industry|Date Listed|Issue Price|1st Day|31-Mar-08|Return (1st Day)|Return (Current)

    Tiaro Coal Ltd TCM Energy 3/03/2008 0.2 0.21 0.295 5.00% 47.50%
    Sothern Cross Goldfields Ltd SXG Metals & Mining 20/03/2008 0.2 0.22 0.21 10.00% 5.00%
    White Canyon Uranium Ltd WCU Energy 3/03/2008 0.25 0.245 0.245 -2.00% -2.00%
    Soil Sub Technology Ltd SOI Food Beverage & Tobacco 27/03/2008 1 0.7 0.75 -30.00% -25.00%
    Eagle Nickel Ltd ENL Metals & Mining 14/03/2008 0.3 0.25 0.195 -16.67% -35.00%
    Greenpower Energy Ltd GPP Energy 5/03/2008 0.2 0.10 0.07 -50.00% -65.00%

    Mere 6 companies floated on ASX in the month of March, 2008 despite exacerbated capital market condition due to liquidity crisis and troubled stock market.

    Follow the demise of Tricom, we see another casualty in stockbroking industry, with the liquidation of margin lending broker Opes Prime, things are tough out there.

    Similar to the performance of China Steel Australia last month, Tiaro Coal was the only outstanding float in the Month of March. However, it is only a very small float, with a capital raising of mere $3 million.

    Greenpwer Energy finally got listed since its prospectus lodged in September 2007 after two extensions; however its share price got hammered by 50% on the 1st day listing. On the other hand, Chinese environmental packaging company LeeDee failed to raise $12 million capital and has subsequently aborted its IPO all together.

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    so many businesses have pulled the pin indefinately on public listings... tough time for the investment bankers & lawyers who make a living from these raisings... having said that they are laughing from the past 5 years of ridiculous listings...

    given current conditions IPO's will be extremely thin at least till very late this year... those that do list will be fighting a very steep uphill battle...

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